Seals Are More Than A Barrier: Part 1 - Applications Beyond Sealing

The ever-rising demand for custom inflatable seals is testimony to the fact that inflatable seals have ceased to be mere barriers. As of now, inflatable rubber products manufactured at Seal Master have found numerous applications across diverse industries. The seals have been used in robotic systems, fluid control in aerospace and to grab and move sophisticated components in assembly lines. 

Here are a few of the many applications where inflatable seals have become virtually irreplaceable:

  • Motion control
  • Axels and brakes
  • Hydraulic pumps and motors
  • Fluid mixers and pumps

And inflatable seals have a predominantly unique function in each of the above applications. These functions might not exclusively be creating a barrier. 

Inflatable seals can do much more than create a barrier

While it is true that creating barriers was among the first uses of inflatable seals, they have long graduated into various other applications as well. The basic function of inflation has allowed these seals to be much more than plain barriers. 

Apart from the manufacturing industry where seals have already found a list of applications, inflatable seals are also widely used in the robotics industry. The seals used in robotics keep the door of innovation open from the designers, installers and right up to the end users.

Sealing systems by Seal Masters also save critical manufacturing time and allow the process to leave the manufacturing facility quicker. The seal may allow plastic pipes and cables to be routed in one unit of the assembly line. 

Inflatable seals can be used for many manufacturing applications

The number of manufacturing industry applications for inflatable seals has grown steadily. Custom inflatable seals by Seal Masters are good to squeeze, hold, stop push, lift or seal components and compartments in various manufacturing processes. 

Inflatable seals are also implemental in various processes that streamline the workflow in the assembly line. This also involves grabbing and transporting intricate machinery, or components that are too fragile to lift with other machines. 

Custom designed for specific needs

Seal Master excels at designing custom inflatable seals which can be oriented to suit specific needs of different industries. So if you have a requirement for which competitors have not yet made use of inflatable seals, you may always write to us about it and we will tell you how our custom made inflatable seals can help. 

Fill out a short RFQ form at our website and a custom seal expert will be with you shortly.