Quality: Our Inspection Process

Seal Master is a quality manufacturer of custom engineered, hand built, fabric reinforced inflatable seals and rubber products. Since 1974, we have been recognized for our expertise and innovation. 

A major reason we are so respected in the industry is due to our quality control and inspection process for each product that leaves our facility.

We take pride in our products and stand by each one. Throughout our inspection process, our team is looking for any cosmetic defects or anything that may compromise it during operation. Each product is inspected a minimum of two times before it is shipped for use. 

Every Seal Master product undergoes an underwater leak test as part of the inspection process.

During this test the product is submerged in water and inflated twice using standard air pressure in order to check for any defects. 

Additionally, every product can go through several optional tests to ensure its performance. These tests include the pressure decay test, product cycle, or burst test. These tests can be requested by any customer. The pressure decay test entails the product being inflated under pressure for 1-24 hours at a time. 

The product cycle test allows the product to be inflated and deflated repeatedly and the burst test is designed to test each product’s maximum operating pressure. 

Feel free to contact us for further inquiries regarding our inspection process and if you wish us to perform these tests on our products.