Quality Control: Our Inspection Process

Quality Built Quality Tested

At Seal Master we take pride in our products and stand by their quality. Each Seal Master product is inspected a minimum of two times prior to shipment by two separate Seal Master Quality inspectors. During this process inspectors are looking for obvious cosmetic defects but are also trained to be aware of other problems that may occur during operation. Below are examples of some inspection processes that take place prior to shipment. 

Mandatory Under Water Leak Test

Each Seal Master product must pass a mandatory under water seal leak test inspection, twice prior to shipment. Each part is inflated with a standard air pressure during these tests. 

Optional Pressure Decay Test

An optional 1 - 24 hour pressure decay test can be requested per customers demand. Please see the related video below for more information

For more information about our seal quality please visit our Quality Control page.