Product Spotlight: Inflatable Bag

Seal Master Corporation is a leading manufacturer of custom engineered, inflatable seals, bags, and accessories. 

Inflatable bags are great products to assist with lifting weight in low-height environments, or can be used to apply air-tight sealing in difficult areas.

Fabric reinforced bags can be configured to any size, function, and fabric material. 

Our inflatable bags even include tight corners, which we have developed technology to make a mi-tered corner that does not break down after it has been inflated or deflated numerous times. This rubber product can be inflated with air, water, or gas and return to their original shape after their use. 

These inflatable bags from Seal Master provide consistent pressure control along an extended surface which are safe.

They are rubber based and can be reinforced with a variety of fabric for multiple use cycles throughout the bags’ life span. 

Seal Master’s inflatable bags are commonly used to seal mine shafts or canals, to seal conduits or ducts, perform heavy-duty lifts, underwater lifts, and other heavy industrial or construction operations. 

Our inflatable bags and other products can be custom-engineered to suit your specific project requirements. Customers return to Seal Master time and again due to the structural integrity and functionality of our products. 

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