Nuclear and Aerospace Applications For Rubber Seals

Custom engineered rubber seals have a wide range of uses, from robotic systems to simple barriers. While you may be tempted to think that seals are primarily for the automotive industry, the nuclear and aerospace industries serve as prime examples of how rubber seals can have a multiple applications.

There are few areas where custom engineered rubber seals are more valuable than the nuclear industry. Seals for airlock doors, equipment hatches, pool gates and other access areas are vital in helping maintain a safe work environment. The use of these seals helps prevent leaks, contamination, and other issues.

Rubber seals are also valuable in the aerospace industry. For example, inflatable seals around the door frame of an aircraft help reduce wind noise and decrease the intensity of vibrations caused by wind force. Other seals guarantee the proper functioning of vital equipment such as landing gear and engines. These seals are used in commercial, private and military aircraft. 

Custom engineered rubber seals such as fluorosilicone are especially valuable for aerospace applications, as they can resist the corrosive effects of fuel-based lubricant at temperatures exceeding 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

These two industries are merely two examples of how custom engineered rubber seals can have a big impact on industry safety and the effectiveness of various manufactured products.