Motion Control and Machine Industry: Diverse Inflatable Seal Applications

Rubber seals and allied products find intense application in the ever evolving arena of machines.Seal Master has witnessed the change from the most basic machines to the now settling industry of robotics. We have served the motion control and machine industries with our inflatables seal applications and inflatable rubber products for long. 

At Seal Master, we manufacture high-tech engineered mechanical seals which provide greater performances in modern machinery including robots and aerospace equipment. The seals used in the aerospace industry are capable of controlling fluid flows in high pressure environments. 

The ball screw seals manufactured by Seal Master for processing machinery which vary in size from large tables to conveyors and are used to:

  • Extend service life, even in contaminated environments
  • Reduce penetration of particles

Developing custom designed seals for motion control and machining

Seals for intricate machinery and motion control require customization. The elastomeric scrapers and wipers are specially designed for advanced motion control. High levels of wear resistance give these seals the ability to alleviate maintenance costs and keep the engine or product cavity free from contaminants.

These seals are also engineered to handle very high temperature fluctuations even between -65°C and 325°C. The variation in temperature chiefly depends on the material used in the components. Our seals for motion control can also soak pressure up to 4,500 psi. 

Seal Master seals for motion control are also customized for the aerospace industry, which helps the seals to retain shape and function in velocities up to 3,000 fpm. 

Robotics industry can require specifically designed seals

The experts have already predicted some early effects that robotics will have on the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers of robotic systems have been steadily moving toward solutions that are more standardized and more cost effective. 

Sealing systems are now being used by many robotic systems. The primary reason is it makes aspects simple for everyone right from the designers and installers to the end user who might opt for making some change in the system later. The use of sealing systems in robotics has already saved critical time in equipment leaving the facility.  

Seals used for moving or grabbing objects not just for closing a void

In the motion control scape, seals are not just used literally, but are also deployed in various different functions. Since most components utilized in motion control are sophisticated, seals are also used to grab and hold these components in the assembly line. This has been one of the rather more important inflatable seal applications.