Learn More About Seal Master and What We Do!

Founded in 1974, Seal Master Corporation has built itself into an industry leading manufacture of custom engineered, hand built, fabric reinforced inflatable seals and other manufactured rubber products.


Edward L Bittle founded the company after many years spent at B.F. Goodrich, in the height of the Akron, Ohio rubber industry. But once Ed saw a niche market he could fill, he started his own company to provide quality, custom rubber products.


Today, Seal Master is recognized for its expertise and resourcefulness as a consultant, designer and producer of its inflatable seal products. Overall the company offers more than 7,500 distinct products. And the organization takes great pride in serving each one of our customers needs by bringing customized solutions to them and their industry.


Our team is available to assist any client by developing a solution to their problems, and applying our expertise towards that outcome.


We value integrity, communication, and problem solving. Our mission statement is to solve problems with innovative, engineered solutions. And our vision is to delight customers and value our employees on the path to a shared growth.


So please contact Seal Master for any of your problems — large or small — and allow us to help engineer a solution.