Learn More About Our Specialty Seals

There are many aspects to Seal Master that set us apart from the competition. We have a proven track record of custom-engineered seals that meet any unique requirements customers bring to us.  

We can manufacture typical and standard inflatable seals.

But our custom work is what makes us an industry leader. A seal or rubber product from Seal Master is a product that includes any couplers, covers, compression seals, bags, or a variety of other solutions to solve problems. 

Examples of specialty products includes our inflatable bags or plug-together seals. Inflatable bags are used to seal or lift objects, depending on their application. Or plug-together seals are used in marine applications to provide a 360-degree sealing capability. 

In addition, we manufacture specialty elastomeric couplers, which are an easy and cost-efficient way to connect hoses.

Our couplers are also fabric-reinforced. We also manufacture accessories to optimize our specialty seals and rubber products. We can design extruded metal retainers, fasteners, inflation control devices, and more to ensure your Seal Master solution works for you!

Our specialty seals are the result of our creativity coupled with the specific needs our customers need to address. 

If you have a unique problem that requires an inflatable seal customized just for you, then contact us today or complete an online RFQ. We can’t wait to develop a solution for you!