Learn More About Applying Stopping Force

One of the ways our products can assist your operation is providing braking capabilities. 

Custom Rubber Products

Braking, or stop force, is recommended when you require a product to be efficiently and safely stopped. Custom rubber products which employ stop force can prohibit movement and improve braking capabilities with consistent, even pressure. This ability can help hold something in place for a specified cycle. 

An inflatable elastomer solution utilizing a Seal Master product has several advantages over a mechanical solution.

Inflatable Rubber Technologies

Our fully-molded construction design provides our elastomers unmatched structural integrity for millions of duty cycles. This will help to minimize the need for close machining and fabrication tolerances. These inflatable rubber technologies are able to deliver natural braking and stopping force as well as reduce faults from a compression set. 

Return on Your Investment

Heat-treated, pressurized rubber can provide you long-lasting, consistent performance to give you a great return on your investment. 

Seal Master’s professional engineers and designers are ready to assist you by crafting a custom engineered solution for your operation. 

If you want to learn more regarding stop force capabilities and how these solutions may be able to help you, contact us today.