Installing an Inflatable Seal Into a Retainer with Corners

Besides designing and manufacturing inflatable seals, Seal Master also makes accessories to optimize the performance of our rubber products. One of those products is a retainer with mitered corners. 

Installation of an Inflatable Seal

Installation of an inflatable seal into a retainer with mitered corners is quick and easy to perform. 
First, line up the inflation stem on the inflatable seal and line it up with the hole in the retainer system specifically cut out for that purpose. 

Proper Installation

Next, tuck the inflatable seal into the retainer. A retainer with mitered corners is an easy installation since they match up perfectly. Slowly work around the seal by tucking it into the retaining system. It is important to make sure the seal is locked in place and pushed in all the way around the entire retainer before use. 

Installation Tips

If you do experience any issues with inserting the seal into the retainer, a popsicle stick or another smooth utensil can assist you. Soapy water can also be used to lubricate the seal and assist with the installation process. 

Seal Master offers many different sorts of inflatable products and retaining systems to aid in their use. 

Contact us today for more information which products may be right for your operation or if you have any questions regarding installation.