The Industries We Serve

Over our 40 year history, Seal Master Corporation has focused on designing and manufacturing quality inflatable seals, bladders, bags, and other parts. 

We take great pride in our fabric-reinforced rubber products and our capabilities developing custom engineered components.

Seal Master products have been used to seal aircraft hangars and to provide a collar for laboratory mice. Our elastomeric inflatable solutions help to solve a variety of engineering solutions and have applications in numerous industries across the economy. Seal Master products have uses in the automotive industry, construction, defense, energy, pharma-ceuticals, water control, and many other markets. Our products are commonly used to seal mine shafts or canals.

They are perfect for heavy industrial uses or lifting weight in tight or low-height areas. 

Our fully molded, fabric reinforced inflatable bags have distinct advantages over the competition and is the reason we are selected by customers throughout the economy. The structural integrity, simpli-fied design, and highly engineered materials in our products help to deliver consistent pressure over million of duty cycles. 

Seal Master products are fully molded and designed to fit your needs.

We take great pride in engineering solutions for our clients. We also believe our products are the highest quality on the market, as each item undergoes rigorous testing before it leaves the our facility. 

Contact us today if you believe an inflatable bag or bladder can assist your operation.