Feature: Inflatable Seals 101

Seal Master has been an industry leader in customized inflatable seals and other rubber products for more than 40 years. But what exactly is an inflatable seal and what can they do?

Inflatable seals are fabric reinforced, fully molded, and engineered rubber products manufactured for a variety of purposes across the full spectrum of the economy.

Seal Master inflatable seals are designed to be able to inflate and deflate in three basic directions in order to fill a void, lift an object, provide a type of seal and countless other applications.

Inflatable seals have multiple standard shapes and configurations, but we at Seal Master can also engineer and customize a design for your project needs. These seals can be modified in a variety of elastomers as well, depending on your specific application.

And our inflatable seals can use gas, air, or liquid to pressurize. Quite simply, they are not simple rubber extrusions, but instead are custom built for multiple environments, reinforced with fabric, and fully molded for your application.

If you believe inflatable seals need to be involved in your next project, contact Seal Master or complete our online RFQ form. We look forward to working on your next project and engineering a solution for your application!