Feature: Inflatable Seals

Inflatable seals are fully molded, fabric reinforced rubber products that create solutions in a wide variety of applications. The Seal Master team has created countless inflatable seal products for our clients. 

Our products are problem solvers.

Inflatable seals are designed to be able to inflate and deflate through millions of duty cycles. They can be inflated using gas, air, or liquid to a designated shape. These seals can maintain that shape through the cycle and then deflate to their original shape. 

Inflatable seals are reinforced with a variety of different fabrics which helps the seals maintain their strength and durability throughout their lifespan.

Surrounding the fabric are several different types of elastomers which help create the seal, barrier, or other designed application. Each product is designed with several different factors in mind. The geometry of an application, the environmental concerns, and durability are a few of elements Seal Master engineers consider when designing a product that will perform its job for you. 

Finally, inflatable seals come in a variety of configurations, or cross-sections, based on your needs.

Typical configurations include the snap-in body type, bond-in, encapsulated, or the recessed-groove. Each configuration is developed with specific parameters in mind that allows the seal to inflate in one or more specific direction. 

Seal Master has developed and created more than 7,500 unique products for our customers. It’s possible we have not developed a configuration for your needs, but we relish the opportunity to create an inflatable seal that fits your needs. Contact us today to get started.