Examples of Seal Master Solutions

With inflatable seals and other custom engineered rubber products, Seal Master can offer a variety of solutions built just for you. 

There are many types of applications where a Seal Master product can help you. Here are a few of the solutions we specialize in. 

Creating a seal is a common solution for our rubber products. One example of this would be effective-ly sealing an industrial oven door in order to keep heat and other materials inside.

Our seals can create an effective seal, but can do so in extreme environments such as under high temperatures. 

Our products can also apply “squeeze” force. When a rubber product applies squeeze force, typically it supplies adequate force and pressure in order to pick up and move items consistently or apply even pressure to adhere items. Medical companies often use rubber products that apply even pres-sure when they place stickers on bottles. 

Hold force can help move delicate items with even pressure, such as holding mirrors in place when polishing or keeping round parts stable when machining. 

Other common solutions for Seal Master products include stop, lift, or push applications.

The stop solution often includes stopping a box on a conveyor belt in order to fill it. A lift solution is used at paper mills when scraper bars are lifted against rollers. The push application is used when orientat-ing the segments in a brake or clutch assembly. 

If you have a specific application in need of a solution, the Seal Master team can custom engineer one for you. Contact us today!