Did You Know We Have a Design Assistance Program?

Did you know that Seal Master Corporation, an industry leader in manufacturing custom-engineered inflatable seals and rubber products, also has a design assistance program? We understand that every inflatable seal application is unique and presents challenges. That’s also why our expert engineers are ready to help you with design assistance on any new reinforced inflatable seals, or can help troubleshoot old problems. We work with clients from a broad range of industries to create innovative products to their needs.

Seal Master engineers will work with you in a “hand on” fashion in order to obtain an intimate understanding of your project’s requirements. Once a client requests design assistance, a Seal Master team leader will be assigned to develop your project as the “quarterback.” This could take on various forms but could include planned visits, field support, tooling and engineering setups at Seal Master’s location.


We have a digital or a PDF version of our RFQ form in order to get us started reviewing your inflatable seals application needs. You may also contact us at info@sealmaster.com or call our sales department at 1-800-477-8436. The Seal Master team looks forward to working with you on developing a solution to your inflatable seals needs.