All the Places You’ll Go-- With Seal Master

Our inflatable seals can be found all over the world, and we’ve had a lot of fun creating each unique application in our 40 year history.

To illustrate our diverse portfolio, we’ve taken a trip down memory lane to present some of our most interesting custom rubber seal applications to date.

Seal Master’s Top 5 Memorable Seals

1. Biggest Seal: One of our longest seals was requested by the designing architect of the Toronto Skydome in the 90’s. The custom inflatable seal was spliced into several smaller pieces for easier handling and reinforced with various fabric materials to sustain long term usage. The seal is used to close gaps in sections of the domes massive movable roof.

2. Sky High: If the Skydome wasn’t high enough for you, Seal Master has also been to space--or at least our seals have! Creating an inflatable door seal that can sustain the pressures of space wasn’t an easy feat, but the force (and our genius engineers!) was with us and the project was a success.

3. Batten Down the Hatches: Our inflatable door seals are often requested by militaries around the world. They can be used to seal fighter jets, cockpits, and even tanks as hatch seals. For a tank’s hatch, our seal inflates and creates a positive seal inside to make it airtight.

4. A Different Kind of Grab Bag: One of our most labor intensive applications was requested by a nuclear engineer. This inflatable bag was needed in case of a nuclear emergency to close off a chamber. If required, the user would pull the unit’s pin and throw the bag in the room. Then the inflatable bladder would fill in the room. Like all of our inflatable seals, this one had a web-like layering of fabric to reinforce the seal. Our reinforcement technique is especially great in these situations because it helps the rubber stretch even further to expand and contract for a tight seal.

Because our inflatable bladders have been customized to fit into rooms, doorways and any gap. While we have made them for 500 sq. ft rooms, they are typically the size of a desktop. Watch Eric, one of our engineers demonstrate the inflatable rubber bag in a short video.

5. Forget the Gap: Thanks to Seal Master’s innovative railway inflatable seal, train passengers can forget the gap when boarding. Our 8-10 ft. train seals solve Platform Train Interference by inflating once the train arrives and deflating during takeoff.

The image below is just one piece of the yellow and black railway inflatable seal:



6. Back By Popular Demand: Our most popular inflatable seal is our door seal. We’ve completed over 7,800 unique applications from start to finish to create air tight vacuums for ovens, aircraft hangers, train cars and much more. Whenever there’s a gap to fill, engineers around the world turn to Seal Master help solve their problem.

And that’s just the beginning, we have so much more to look forward to including helping you realize your next application’s needs. Our talented engineers will assist you in throughout the entire process, so let’s get started! Simply, fill out our RFQ page with your project’s requirements or Contact Us to receive more guidance.