What is an Elastomeric Inflatable Seal?

August 26, 2021

Elastomeric inflatable seals are a versatile instrument for manipulating force in an industrial setting, capitalizing on the impedance and shock absorption properties of natural and synthetic rubbers. They may protect delicate equipment, contain caustic chemicals, or improve the efficiency of automated processes. With a deep selection of customizations, elastomeric seals find uses in an impressive number of industries. Seal Master is an industry leader in elastomeric seals, and our fabric-reinforced seals offer the cutting-edge in form and function.

What is an elastomeric seal?

From military hardware to pharmaceutical storage, elastomeric seals are a powerful tool for regulating the application of engineered force. These custom-molded inflatable fittings are highly effective where there is a need to mechanically push, pop, lift, stop, squeeze, hold, or seal. We have served hundreds of thousands of unique applications with our world-leading elastomeric seals in industrial, environmental, automotive, and other fields. More information on the different applications with animated visualizations can be found here.

Elastomeric seals are designed for consistent performance under repetitive industrial use. They are highly customizable with many natural and synthetic rubber material options and are custom-molded to your specific use case. Considerations of temperature, pressure, and environmental or chemical exposure, among others, all contribute to the needs of an application. Therefore it is essential to review the demands of a particular project before manufacturing thoroughly. Consider exploring some of the most commonly used materials for seal production to understand how a specific material might be best suited to a particular function.

What does it mean to reinforce a seal with fabric?

Our fabric-reinforced elastomeric seals provide superior durability and flexibility for long-lasting industrial uses. Binding durable fabrics to the base material improves both the durability and flexibility of the final seal. This serves to prevent degradation under intense operating circumstances and enhance the longevity of operation. Various fabric options lend themselves differently to the temperature and pressure demands of a particular application.

Paired with the broad selection of seal materials, fabric reinforcement offers further customized and enhanced seal quality. In fabric-reinforcing the elastomeric seals, we’ve been able to serve the global community with unprecedented precision, quality, and reliability even more broadly.

Why do our seals stand apart in the industry?

With over four decades of experience in the industry, Seal Master is a trusted name in the production of elastomeric inflatable seals. We offer design consultation services to thoroughly explore the needs of your project and isolate your ideal seal composition and design. Dedicated to superior safety, efficacy, and durability, we bring expert guidance every step of the way. Our fully-molded construction ensures consistency across the entire strike surface for millions of cycles. Our fabric-reinforced elastomeric seals are some of the safest and most dependable in the industry. We’ve grown from a national industry serving the USA to seeing demand for our products grow worldwide with a reputation for quality.

A fabric-reinforced elastomeric seal is an exceptional tool for meeting the demands of modern industry. Innovation naturally pushes the boundaries of technology, but for high-performance equipment, we need high-performance parts.

Get Started On Your Project

Seal Master is committed to producing the highest quality products available to serve those needs. If you’re considering your options for an elastomeric seal on your next project or would like to know more about how we might be able to serve your industry, contact us today. Our experts are standing by to offer decades of experience in bringing your vision to light.

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