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Unique Uses of Inflatable Bags and Bladders

October 7, 2021

When you need to apply sealing, pushing, stopping, or lifting force, you can rely on our elastomeric, fabric-reinforced inflatable bags and bladders. Unlike the typical inflatable bladder, a Seal Master manufactured bladder provides added reinforcement for better, stronger performance.

From sealing mine shafts and canals to lifting heavy duty objects, our inflatable bags and bladders can be applied to a diverse array of applications.

What is an elastomeric inflatable bag or bladder?

An elastomer is a portmanteau of “elastic polymer,” meaning that it’s a substance with elastic properties, such as viscosity and elasticity. It exists in many forms which can be pliable and adaptable, examples of which include natural rubber, silicone, and neoprene, just to name a few. Our elastomeric seals are made from over ten different types of elastomers (including the ones already listed), but can also be reinforced with other materials such as nylon, PET, and Kevlar for added durability.

The purpose of an inflatable bag is to provide reliable, controllable force—even in extreme conditions such as in the ocean or in equipment used for chemical processing. They hold, lift, push, seal, squeeze, or stop an engineered force. They function in low-, medium-, and high-pressure; abrasive; and even high-speed situations. They come in different shapes depending on the application—Some are square, some round, some long and thin. Others are custom-cut to a donut shape to fit around a specific object. We have even developed elastomeric inflatable bags to evenly fill 90° corners, meaning that a square, picture frame-shaped inflatable is possible without the corners tearing open when inflated. All of our seals are designed to be fully molded, meaning that there is no spliced seal or area that doesn’t expand.

The uses of elastomeric inflatable bags and bladders are widespread, and we can design a custom product for your unique application.

What industries use elastomeric inflatable bags or bladders?

Seal Master Corporation proudly makes elastomeric inflatable bags or bladders for a myriad of industries. On a daily level, first responders employ elastomeric inflatable bags or bladders to help them lift heavy objects, even cars or houses, at the scene of an emergency. Our products go beyond this obvious use and can be incorporated into more technical designs. A few more specific industries we supply include food processing, pharmaceuticals, nuclear energy, and defense.

In the food processing industry, the use of elastomeric inflatable bags or bladders could make the difference between high-quality products and contaminated foods. Objects such as refrigerators, mixers, fermentation tanks, and roasters can all benefit from these bags/bladders. They also contribute to the smooth running of post-production machinery such as labelling and packaging equipment.

Seal Master has proudly provided elastomeric inflatable bags and bladders to the pharmaceutical industry, most recently producing materials to help with the COVID-19 virus. All products we make are FDA-compliant. Applications of elastomeric inflatable bags or bladders in this industry are often for containment and isolation equipment.

In the nuclear and petrochemical industries, elastomeric inflatable bags or bladders are used to prevent radioactive materials from leaking. They’re often employed to contain spent fuel pools or seal in other harsh chemicals.

Request a Quote on a Custom Inflatable Bladder

It might seem like the uses for elastomeric inflatable bags and bladders are vague, but that’s because they can be custom-manufactured for nearly any scenario! We work directly with clients through the entire development process, from custom design to installation, to create the most reliable and effective elastomeric inflatable bags and bladders. Contact us today to request a quote!

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