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Product Spotlight: Custom Molded Products

August 5, 2019

We offer a wide variety of custom molded products that can be used in many different applications. Here are some examples of the custom molded products we offer.

Mandrel Inflatable

One of the types of custom molded products we manufacture at Seal Master is the mandrel inflatable. While it looks like a tire, a mandrel is actually used to drive a core. With an inflatable custom engineered mandrel, you can insert the mandrel into the core, inflate it, and drive the core. 

Once you are complete with your duty cycle, the mandrel deflates and can be removed. 

Mitered Corner Bag

A mitered corner inflatable bag is a bag with corners that can be inflated and deflated countless times. We have developed the technology to ensure our corners do not tear or self-destruct. An inflatable bag can be used in tight lift situations or in underwater lifts. 

Door Seal

An inflatable door seal is used to seal off one environment from another, while providing easy access when deflated. Similar to the mandrel and mitered corner bag, all of our products can be inflated with gas, air, or liquid and return to form when deflated. 

All of our inflatable seals are fabric reinforced and fully molded to suit your specific application and needs. 

Contact us today to see how a custom molded product can help you.