Learn More About Inflatable Retaining Systems

November 1, 2018

An important component for any inflatable seal is a retaining system. These key facets to a well-functioning seal allow it to work as designed and maintain longevity. 

Retaining systems are the piece of an inflatable seal that hold the seal in place.

They come in different styles in order to match to a corresponding inflatable seal. When properly installed a retaining sys-tem must hold a seal in place, allow it the ability to inflate and deflate, and protect the inflatable seal from damage. 

Seal Master manufactures top-notch retaining systems in order for our inflatable seals to work for our customers. We can provide different types of retaining systems depending on your specific appli-cation. We can manufacture metal or elastomeric retaining systems in either metal or rubber.

Our retainers can be customized in a strip or circular form to best meet your needs and can be designed as a snap-in or fasten type of system. 

When it comes to designing an inflatable seal for our customers, we use a number of fabric reinforce-ments and elastomers to create the best product. We choose the right combination of materials based on environmental and geometric requirements provided by our customers. 

We can use any combination of butyl, chloroprene, polyurethane, silicone or other elastomers with nylon, dacron, Kevlar, or Nomex fabrics.

Our retaining systems are designed specifically to work with these materials and the inflatable seals can even be machined with a retaining groove when requested. 

For more information on Seal Master’s retaining systems, contact us today or complete an online RFQ to see how we can help you!

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