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Inflatable Seals: a Holding Force

January 13, 2020

Inflatable seals can provide numerous options for industries looking for innovative ways to accomplish their goals. One of the many types of force an inflatable seal can provide is through applying hold force to countless objects.

Consistent Pressure, Evenly Applied

Inflatable rubber products that provide hold force can be a solution for businesses in search of clamping, blocking, and holding challenges. A fully-molded inflatable elastomer can bring proper hold force for millions of duty cycles by providing consistent hold force and release.

Seals and rubber products that employ hold force offer consistent, even pressure to ensure even the most delicate objects are held into place in a uniform position.

Hold Force Applications

Seals that utilize hold force can be used in several ways. Delicate materials like a piece of glass can be held in place for polishing or heavy-duty parts can be held for light machining.

Hold force can be applied in various directions as well. For instance, hold force can be applied in a downward motion to stop objects in place along a conveyor platform for cutting, splicing, or other required machining work.

Contact the Seal Master team today to see how seals using hold force can assist you. A demonstration video is also available on our website to show you an example of how inflatable rubber products work.