Examples of Solutions

July 25, 2017

1.    Seal – obviously, lots of examples.

a.    Common example – industrial oven door. Used to keep heat and oils inside oven box. Specific customer’s application is high temp, exposure to various oils.

2.    Squeeze – supplying the force/pressure needed to adhere items (stickers, balancing weights, ware strips, ext) coated with a PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive). Supplying the force/pressure needed to grip something to pick it up and move it.

a.    Common example – medical company uses a small seal to apply even pressure when placing stickers on bottles.

3.    Hold – holding delicate items with even pressure over an area. Uses holding mirrors for polishing, holding round parts during light machining

4.    Stop – Stopping boxes on a conveyor to fill them, tape them closed, or add a label.

5.    Lift – lifting scraper bars against rollers in a paper mill. These bars are hundreds of inches long and need to be lifted evenly.

6.    Push – pushing shoes or segments in brake or clutch assembly. Pushing divert walls in conveyor systems.

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