Did You Know That Seal Master Does More Than Seals?

July 9, 2018

Seal Master is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing custom-engineered fabric reinforced inflatable seals for countless sectors of the economy. Everything from the automotive industry to the medical field, and many more companies trust our 40 years of experience developing solutions using inflatables.

But did you know that we do more than just inflatable seals?

We mold a lot of custom molded products to solve various problems for various industries. Our products list also includes inflatable bags, miter cornered inflatable bags, custom-molded mandrels, miter corner seals, and numerous accessories for all of our products.

Seal Master’s custom made inflatable bags and bladders have a wide range of potential uses to lift heavy loads in low-clearance environments or even apply an air-tight seal in tight spaces. Our inflatable bags and bladders have been used to seal mine shafts, canals, conduits, ducts, perform different types of lifts, like underwater lifts or can even lift houses safely and efficiently

Our miter cornered bags, also called picture frame bags, have been specifically designed to not tear or rip at the corners! These bags don’t wear down and will deflate to their original shape.

We also manufacture custom-molded rubber mandrels which are perfectly designed to grip any core, once inflated and expanded, and drive the core.

And finally, we manufacture a full line of accessories guaranteed to work perfectly with all of our inflatable seals and bags!

To learn more about all of our products, visit our products page here or complete an RFQ form online.

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