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Specialty Seals & Accessories

November 28, 2019

Did you know that besides manufacturing quality inflatable seals, Seal Master also makes several specialty seals and accessories. 

Specialty Seals

The specialty rubber products we manufacture range in usage and help customers complete a wide array of unique tasks. 

For instance, Seal Master can design and manufacture FDA-compliant rubber compounds for customers in the food processing or medical industry. When creating a food-safe environment is necessary for your process, we can design a specialty seal with an FDA-compliant compound. 

Other specialty seals include small ring seals, plug-together seals, and elastomeric couplers. Our small ring seals have an outside diameter of only one inch, and are therefore a preferred option in lab testing. 

Plug-together seals include a 360 degree wrap around shaft to offer a unique sealing capability. Couplers from Seal Master are a cost-effective and easy way to fasten hoses. 

Other Accessories

For more complex challenges, Seal Master offers accessories to extend the functionality of our products. 

We manufacture custom fitted extruded metal retainers, machined retainers, fasteners, inflation control devices, regulators, and compressors (to name a few options). Our accessories can ensure your inflatable seals work to the best of their ability when you need them the most. 

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