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Product Testing: Pressure Decay

December 13, 2019

Seal Master prides itself on testing each product before it leaves our facility. There are a variety of tests we perform in order to verify a product works properly.

Pressure Decay Test

When it is not possible to perform a water test, or when a product cannot be entirely submerged underwater, we rely on the pressure decay test to examine our products.

Sometimes leaks in our products are so fine, that a bubble test underwater won’t allow the leak to show.

  • For the pressure decay test, we follow the following procedure:
  • First, we inflate the seal with an isolation valve and a gauge
  • The seal stays inflated for a period of time, roughly around 45 minutes. This allows the seal to be completely stretched out.
  • Once the seal has been stretched out, we close the seal and watch it for a period of time to see how the pressure inside the seal fluctuates during that time.

This test could go anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours, depending on the application of our customers.


During the pressure decay test, we evaluate changes in the air temperature around the seal. This helps us account for any changes in the air pressure inside the seal. During this test, we can manipulate the air temperature to replicate real-world conditions.

For more information on how we test our seals, contact Seal Master today.