industrial sealing

Applying Hermetic Sealing Force

A key benefit of using inflatable rubber products is their application in creating an air-tight seal. With Seal Master products, you can utilize hermetic sealing force and apply it in your facility. Hermetic sealing force is beneficial when trying to create a safe, airtight environment. Hermetic seals can contain or isolate air particles, water, dust, chemicals, or other elements within an area.

Learn More About Our Basic Seal Geometry

When is comes to our inflatable seals at Seal Master, there are three basic directions a seal can inflate or deflate: the axial direction, radial-in direction, or radial-out direction. Each of these three inflation directions has their own set of performance parameters for measurements and are also impacted by the cross-section geometry of the seal as well. A seal that inflates and deflates in the axial direction, or normal to the mounting plane, allows a seal to inflate up and out in order to fill a space.

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