Engineered Rubber Product Solutions

The Industries We Serve

Over our 40 year history, Seal Master Corporation has focused on designing and manufacturing quality inflatable seals, bladders, bags, and other parts. We take great pride in our fabric-reinforced rubber products and our capabilities developing custom engineered components. Seal Master products have been used to seal aircraft hangars and to provide a collar for laboratory mice.

What Materials are Used in Seal Master Products?

Inflatable seals engineered and manufactured by Seal Master are not merely rubber extrusions. Our inflatable seals are designed and customized to each customer’s needs, utilizing a variety of elastomers and fabrics to perform when they are used.

The numerous combinations of elastomers and fabrics are chosen in response to geometrical and environmental challenges in a specific application.

Based on environment, inflatable seals can be made using butyl, natural rubber, chloroprene, silicone, polyurethane, and other materials.

Check Out the Accessories Seal Master Offers

It’s well known that when it comes to custom inflatable seals, actuators, and other rubber products that Seal Master has been an industry leader since 1974.

But Seal Master also manufactures a variety of quality accessories so you can get the most out of our products, which reduce the inefficiencies common with many third-party suppliers.

Our accessories, such as mechanical control devices, are guaranteed to work with our custom inflatable seals and optimize their performance.

How Seal Master’s Sales and Engineering Teams Work Together for Superior Results

Sometimes, effective communication can be difficult when you work with a rubber seal manufacturer. The sales team members that you speak to may not have the technical expertise to provide you with accurate details regarding their company’s rubber seal manufacturing capabilities, and you grow frustrated when the engineering team calls to explain that your project can’t be completed as desired…unless you want to pay a lot more. When you work with Seal Master, however, you won't have that problem.

What Sets Seal Master Apart

While there are plenty of options available for your rubber seal manufacturing needs, we at Seal Master know that there is plenty that sets us apart from our competition. After all, you need the absolute best for your manufacturing products. Thanks to our highly-specialized team, our seals will allow you to exceed your expectations. Here’s how.

The Seal Master Way

Seal Master works hard to ensure that every project we take on comes out with a customized solution--but that’s only one part of the the Seal Master Way. Our way of creating the best possible custom rubber seals starts and ends with customization that we control at every step of the process. Seal Master works directly with clients in order to ensure that the design and production matches the application perfectly, and there are several factors that help us achieve this for every client. 

What Is a Seal Made of?

Our customers are often so impressed with the versatile uses of our custom designed rubber seals that they want to know more about the process that goes into making them.  Our inflatable seals are fabric reinforced for increased durability, meaning that they can stand up to the test of time and are completely custom. In order to achieve this level of customization we use a mix of different materials to ensure the perfect shape, texture, and temperature performance based on our customers specifications. 

Seal Master Serves the Global Market

Seal Master is proud to create a variety of custom inflatable seals that match any project engineers can create all over the world. Currently, Seal Master serves multiple markets in addition to our home in the U.S. We have worked with teams from New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Canada, UK, Europe, and across East Asia. Opening up our team to the ideas of engineers and designers globally not only gives us the opportunity to take on new challenges, it gives us a chance to show off what custom manufactured rubber products can do. 

What are Custom Engineered Seals and What Can They Do?

From laboratories to aircraft hangers, engineers often face problems without a clear tool or part for the solution, and that is where Seal Master’s custom manufactured rubber products come in. Our custom engineered inflatable seals can add the finishing touch, provide more safety, and enhance the usage of other industrial products. In short, our rubber product solutions can do a lot. So whatever you or your business needs, we can help you find solutions that move your projects forward.