Custom Inflatable Seals

Applying Hermetic Sealing Force

A key benefit of using inflatable rubber products is their application in creating an air-tight seal. With Seal Master products, you can utilize hermetic sealing force and apply it in your facility. Hermetic sealing force is beneficial when trying to create a safe, airtight environment. Hermetic seals can contain or isolate air particles, water, dust, chemicals, or other elements within an area.

Product Spotlight: Inflatable Bag

Seal Master Corporation is a leading manufacturer of custom engineered, inflatable seals, bags, and accessories. Inflatable bags are great products to assist with lifting weight in low-height environments, or can be used to apply air-tight sealing in difficult areas. Fabric-reinforced bags can be configured to any size, function, and fabric material.

Examples of Seal Master Solutions

With inflatable seals and other custom engineered rubber products, Seal Master can offer a variety of solutions built just for you. 

There are many types of applications where a Seal Master product can help you. Here are a few of the solutions we specialize in. 

Creating a seal is a common solution for our rubber products. One example of this would be effective-ly sealing an industrial oven door in order to keep heat and other materials inside.

Did You Know We Have a Design Assistance Program?

Did you know that Seal Master Corporation, an industry leader in manufacturing custom-engineered inflatable seals and rubber products, also has a design assistance program? We understand that every inflatable seal application is unique and presents challenges. That’s also why our expert engineers are ready to help you with design assistance on any new reinforced inflatable seals, or can help troubleshoot old problems. We work with clients from a broad range of industries to create innovative products to their needs.