Custom Engineered Inflatable Seals

Product Testing: Pressure Decay

Seal Master prides itself on testing each product before it leaves our facility. There are a variety of tests we perform in order to verify a product works properly. 

Pressure Decay Test

When it is not possible to perform a water test, or when a product cannot be entirely submerged underwater, we rely on the pressure decay test to examine our products. 

Sometimes leaks in our products are so fine, that a bubble test underwater won’t allow the leak to show. 

Specialty Seals & Accessories

Did you know that besides manufacturing quality inflatable seals, Seal Master also makes several specialty seals and accessories. 

Specialty Seals

The specialty rubber products we manufacture range in usage and help customers complete a wide array of unique tasks. 

For instance, Seal Master can design and manufacture FDA-compliant rubber compounds for customers in the food processing or medical industry. When creating a food-safe environment is necessary for your process, we can design a specialty seal with an FDA-compliant compound. 

Inflatable Door Seal

A common use for our inflatable products is to properly enclose a door in order to seal off one environment from another. 

Door Seals

Companies or other operations that require a secure environment, such as food processing plants or chemical manufacturers, often utilize clean rooms and secured spaces. A door seal is capable of filling a void or gap between the door and the frame. 

Applying Holding Force

If you are searching for a way to properly and safely block, brake, or clamp objects in your operation, an inflatable seal from Seal Master can help.

Hold Force

One of the multiple ways our seals help customers in countless industries is through applying hold force. 

By applying hold force, our seals can hold objects in place with even pressure and then release them as required by your application. An inflatable seal can deliver adequate hold force on delicate objects which may be fragile or stop objects in place. 

Learn About the Benefits of a Custom Engineered Seal

While Seal Master’s product catalog features over 7,500 items, you may be in need of a product that hasn’t been created yet. 

What is a Custom Engineered Seal? 

Built to size using materials your project demands, our inflatable seals use liquid, water, or gas to inflate. The seal fills the area to the exact shape needed, creating a perfect fit. 

With our fabric-reinforced and fully-molded design, our inflatable seals can withstand millions of duty cycles. Seal Master inflatable seals are designed and constructed with quality and durability in mind from the start. 

Reduce Downtime & Save Money

Downtime in any production line can cause delays in meeting deadlines. But it can also cost manufacturers money. 

Is Downtime Really Necessary? 

There are instances where downtime for specific machines or production lines may be necessary, for example, when machines need calibrated. Routine maintenance is crucial to prolong the lifespan of the equipment. 

Product Spotlight: Inflatable Bag

Seal Master Corporation is a leading manufacturer of custom engineered, inflatable seals, bags, and accessories. Inflatable bags are great products to assist with lifting weight in low-height environments, or can be used to apply air-tight sealing in difficult areas. Fabric-reinforced bags can be configured to any size, function, and fabric material.