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Examples of Seal Master Solutions

With inflatable seals and other custom engineered rubber products, Seal Master can offer a variety of solutions built just for you. 

There are many types of applications where a Seal Master product can help you. Here are a few of the solutions we specialize in. 

Creating a seal is a common solution for our rubber products. One example of this would be effective-ly sealing an industrial oven door in order to keep heat and other materials inside.

Learn More About Inflatable Retaining Systems

An important component for any inflatable seal is a retaining system. These key facets to a well-functioning seal allow it to work as designed and maintain longevity. 

Retaining systems are the piece of an inflatable seal that hold the seal in place.

They come in different styles in order to match to a corresponding inflatable seal. When properly installed a retaining sys-tem must hold a seal in place, allow it the ability to inflate and deflate, and protect the inflatable seal from damage. 

Learn More About What Seal Master Does

Since 1974, Seal Master has been working with customers to bring them the best inflatable seals and rubber products on the market.

But what is it we actually do at Seal Master?

The entire Seal Master team is an experienced manufacturer of inflatable seals — or, elastomeric tubes manufactured in various configurations that inflate and deflate to perform a specific function — which are fabric reinforced and designed to accommodate any project. Our inflatable seals and rubber products can be inflated using air, gas, or liquid under different pressures.

Do You Have a Sealing Problem?

Does your business require the use of rubber products or inflatable seals in your process? If so, and if you are having a problem with your seals, then it’s time to contact Seal Master.

We are industry leaders in fabric reinforced inflatable seals and other custom engineered rubber products since 1974. Seal Master inflatable seals and rubber products appear in several specialized industries, including aerospace, food processing, construction, telecommunications, and others.

Solutions: Push & Seal

Seal Master’s line of inflatable, custom-engineered hand built fabric seals are designed to perform a variety of functions for countless industries.

Our inflatable seals can create an airtight seal, hold items in place, squeeze, stop, or lift anything. Seal Master’s inflatable fabric-reinforced seals are used in multiple devices such as brakes, couplers, lifters, laminators, plugs, separators, cushions, and gripping devices.

Did You Know That Seal Master Does More Than Seals?

Seal Master is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing custom-engineered fabric reinforced inflatable seals for countless sectors of the economy. Everything from the automotive industry to the medical field, and many more companies trust our 40 years of experience developing solutions using inflatables.

But did you know that we do more than just inflatable seals?

Learn More About Our Basic Seal Geometry

When is comes to our inflatable seals at Seal Master, there are three basic directions a seal can inflate or deflate: the axial direction, radial-in direction, or radial-out direction. Each of these three inflation directions has their own set of performance parameters for measurements and are also impacted by the cross-section geometry of the seal as well. A seal that inflates and deflates in the axial direction, or normal to the mounting plane, allows a seal to inflate up and out in order to fill a space.

Our Quality and Inspection Process

At Seal Master, we take pride in our products and stand by their quality when they are sent on to our customers. That’s why each Seal Master product is tested at least two times before it’s shipped. Every inflatable seal or rubber product we manufacture is tested at least twice, each time by a separate Seal Master inspector. During this process, our inspectors are looking for cosmetic defects and are also trained to be aware of any problems that may arise during operation with the finished product.

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