What are Custom Engineered Seals and What Can They Do?

From laboratories to aircraft hangers, engineers often face problems without a clear tool or part for the solution, and that is where Seal Master’s custom manufactured rubber products come in. Our custom engineered inflatable seals can add the finishing touch, provide more safety, and enhance the usage of other industrial products. In short, our rubber product solutions can do a lot. So whatever you or your business needs, we can help you find solutions that move your projects forward. 

What is a Custom Engineered Seal? 

A common misconception is that rubber seals only work as the solution to a problem: fixing leaks, filling gaps, and sealing off spaces. Seal Master’s customized approach means that our seals can do all of this and much more. The rubber product solutions we create match your project, so they can work for specific applications and process improvements, not just fixing problems. Our engineers take your designs and create durable rubber products that expand with air to fit any shape necessary, improving the functionality of doors, protecting water sensitive materials, making mandrels more useful, and more.

Squeeze It, Hold it, Stop it, Push it, Lift it Seal 

Because of their customizable nature, our seals can be used to help complete any task. Whatever materials you are working with, we can create the rubber to help squeeze it, hold it, stop it, push it, lift it, or seal it.  For example, our inflatable rubber door seal has become our most popular industrial product, matching any door to completely secure one environment from another and still providing quick access when deflated.  

The same principles can be applied to gates, domes, filters, windows, wipers, brake devices, valves, containers, conveyors, and more. If you engineering team needs to move something, contain something, or separate anything from rooms to liquids to get a job done, our we can craft the perfect rubber product solution that applies to your project. 

Applications of Engineered Seals

These processes can also be scalable, meaning that we’ve helped large industrial complexes better transport and store fluids, fitted aircraft hangers needing to be completely sealed from the elements, and even worked with laboratories needing small scale rubber outfittings for mice and miniature lab work. Whatever size and type of project you need rubber outfittings for, we can create the solution. 

Feel free to call one of our team members today to discuss your project and how a custom designed rubber seal can help complete your design.