Solutions: Stop

There is a wide range of capabilities that inflatable rubber products like seals, bags, and bladders can provide to any company.

One of those solutions is stop force. 

Inflatable rubber technology can be used to provide natural braking ability and prohibit movement on pieces of equipment or within a production line. This technology can offer braking ability for mil-lions of cycles and without harm. 

An array of inflatables can offer consistent and even pressure to a mechanism in order to safely serve as a brake. Heat-treated, pressurized rubber material can give you consistent pressure and perfor-mance for a long time. 

When you use Seal Master and our unique design and fabrication, we can provide you a high-functioning fulfillment per mass, unlike springs, bars, or mechanical applications.

Our solutions also have several advantages over mechanical operations. Our inflatable elastomer solutions deliver natu-ral braking, have no faults from compression sets, have structural integrity, and minimizes the need for close machining or fabrication tolerances. 

If you believe stop force is right for your operation, contact Seal Master today!

We are ready to design a custom solution for you using our inflatable rubber technology. We can bring you a safe, durable solution using our expertise today!

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