Seal Master Material Standards

Seal Master is an industry leading manufacturer in custom engineered, hand built, fabric reinforced inflatable seals and other rubber products. We understand that our reputation as an industry leader relies on our customer service and our products, which we stand behind. That’s why we use only tested and certified material components in our 7,500 innovative products.

At Seal Master, we hold our suppliers to extremely high standards because we believe in passing that same quality to our customers. We have material standards for all of our polymers and fabric suppliers that apply to each batch received in our facility. When a polymer batch is received at Seal Master, we look for two report certifications with the batch. These reports must be received.

We look for a test report stating all materials met testing requirements prior to shipping and a supplier certification stating the batch has met all specified requirements for the desired material. These documents are processed and reviewed by our quality department before they can be released for production. Once released, these materials are then stored in a climate controlled environment on-site. And we use a unique identifier that allows for these materials to be tracked throughout the production process and enables us to trace finished products back to their original source.