Product Spotlight: Custom Inflatable Bags

Seal Master has the experience to design inflatable bags that are custom engineered for each of our clients. Inflatable bags are a perfect option when lifting weight in low-clearance areas or in order to apply air-tight sealing in difficult environments. 

Inflatable Seal Bag

Seal Master can create any shape required. Our fabric-reinforced bags employ reinforced materials as well, such as DuPont Kevlar, and can be made in any size. For certain uses, we are able to develop add-ed features to assist your operation. One example is a feature where we can create bags that “feather off” in order to attach multiple bags together. 

Uses of the Inflatable Seal Bag

An inflatable bag can also be manufactured to inflate with air, gas, or a liquid. Inflatable bags provide the operator with consistent pressure along their entire surface and are able to withstand countless duty cycles. Once the bags are no longer needed, they are able to simply return to their original shape.

Safety and Productivity

Bags from Seal Master are popular for use in several different applications, such as sealing conduits, ducts, mine shafts, canals, in underwater lifts, and many more. Our creative engineers are constantly in search of new ways an inflatable bag can provide an increased level of safety and productivity. 

Contact Seal Master today or send us an online RFQ to see how a custom-made inflatable bag can as-sist you.