This week we would like to spotlight one of our most popular materials offered: EPDM rubber.

EPDM elastomer is a copolymer consisting of ethylene and propylene units as it is part of the main polymer chain.

In terms of physical properties, EPDM is rated as an excellent choice for its temperature resistance, abrasion/tear resistance and weather/ozone resistance.  EPDM also exhibits strong performance characteristics in terms of elongation, compression set, impact resistance and rebound resilience. Another major benefit of EPDM, for outdoor use, is its resistance to water absorption or “swell”. Lastly, EPDM exhibits excellent resistance to oxidation and sunlight aging.

As you can see there are many benefits to selecting EPDM as your desired material for your next project. For more information on EPDM seals, please see our Material Selection page or contact us today to discuss your project!