The History of Seal Master

Seal Master Corporation is an industry leader in manufacturing custom-engineered, fabric reinforced inflatable seals.

We are widely recognized for our expertise in our field, along with resourcefulness and creativity.

But like many companies we have humble beginnings. Our founder — Edward L. Bittle — was like many employees living in the Akron area during the postwar economy. He went to work for the respected B.F. Goodrich Company, one of the many companies that shaped Akron into the rubber capital of the world. After working in the industry for years, Mr. Bittle saw a niche market he could capitalize on — the custom rubber manufacturing market. 

In 1974, Mr. Bittle founded Seal Master with the simple principle of providing quality service and custom products that work for his customers.

When we were founded, Seal Master was one of the few small companies that offered custom-engineered rubber products, such as inflatable seals, for customers in a variety of sectors across the economy. Obviously, we have grown substantially since the early days. Today we offer more than 7,500 innovative products and now work in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Kent, Ohio near the rubber capital of the world. 

We value integrity, communication, and working through each problem until we find a solution.

We respect our employees and take great pride helping our customers solve problems in their field. And we will continue to strive for growth and excellence in our industry!

Contact us today if you are in search of a custom rubber product!