Getting Started: Cross Sections

Your needs require a custom inflatable seal, but where do you start? Our newly redesigned cross sections page will help get you started. The dozens of inflatable seal profiles are only a representation of some of the typical profiles used and are not representative of all of the special profiles Seal Master has created over our 40 year history. Our cross sections page can be used as a tool to align your needs with our capabilities. From there we can collaborate together with our design assistance program to create a durable, fabric reinforced inflatable seal for your custom application.

Featured below are just two types of our inflatable seal designs most commonly used:

Our snap in type inflatable seal profiles utilize a dovetail-designed base that enables the seal to simply “snap” into a matching retainer groove. The retainer groove provides support and protection for the seal. Installation and replacement is also quick and easy.

If your application doesn’t necessarily require the need for a retainer, be sure to check out our recessed grove type inflatable seal. These profiles are generally used with smaller diameter seals in a radially in or radially out mode and hold the seal in place by its own tension or force.

Visit our cross sections page to explore more inflatable seal types or contact us today!