Feature: Inflatable Seal Retaining Systems

One of the many products we offer at Seal Master are Inflatable Seal Retaining Systems. With a retaining system in place, the performance of our inflatable seals and other products can be maximized. 

What is a Retaining System? 

Retaining systems are used to hold an inflatable seal in place but still allow for the seal to properly inflate and deflate. These systems can help improve the functionality and longevity of the seals. Retaining systems also protect the seals from damage. 

A retaining system is engineered to hold a seal in place with a machined groove that allows for an easy snap-in design. Proper installation of the seals into a retaining system is vital for both components to operate as intended. In the majority of cases, inflatable seals snap right into the retaining system. But with soapy water, a seal can be fit into the retainer. 

At Seal Master we can manufacture elastomeric or metal retaining systems for your inflatable seal. These systems come in a strip or circular form. 

Other Considerations for Retaining Systems

When you are considering a retaining system for your inflatable seals there are two primary factors to consider — geometry and environment. In order for us to develop the best retainer for your use, we need to determine the geometry of the space as well as the environmental concerns for your application. 

Let us help you determine which seal and retaining system is right for you.