Cost Effective From The Start

Custom rubber seals have carved a niche for themselves across diverse industry segments. Why have inflatable elastomeric products become all the more popular? Simply put, they are more cost-effective and time-saving than the mechanical ones. 

Why is custom designed seal more cost-effective?

Manufacturers these days offer a great variety of sealing products. However, since the operating parameters largely vary and so do the reliability and design requirements, embracing custom designed and high-performance sealing solutions has become an imperative for professionals and businesses like. These custom-made inflatable rubber seals can withstand the extremities integral to high-power applications. Though custom-designed rubber seals cost more than the regular rubber seals, given the long-term cost benefits in terms of reduced operational costs and extended lifetime of seals, custom seals are indeed far more cost-effective than ordinary ones. 

Industrial rubber seals that we manufacture are designed to the precise dimension requirements of any application and are made from a wide-range of quality-tested elastomeric materials based on requirements. Use of quality-tested materials ensures that the seal life increases at least 30-40 times. Custom-designed seals are proven effective in delivering reliable performance over a long period of time. Other benefits include reduced maintenance cost, reduced risk of early failures, improved performance and 100% chemical resistance. 

We design for your application. It’s exactly what you need, not an adaptation.

We are in collaboration with many clients who plant operations used to face high operational costs and increased downtime owing to the malfunctioning and repair of mechanical seals. Early life failure of mechanical seals was a problem many of our clients had to deal with. We reviewed the repair and maintenance history of these seals and also operational details. Our engineered solutions helped in improved lubrication, lowered micro-vibrations and smooth operations. 

Custom rubber products that we use in replacement of mechanical seals reduce downtime and repair cost to a great extent. We have designed more than 7,500 rubber seals since our inception in 1974. Our seals are versatile in nature, as we design according to requirements, and not the other way around. Our unique design does not require ‘hold in’ retention. The seal can be directly dropped in the groove and it retains its position due to its geometry. We produce FDA compliant small rubber ring seals, plug-together rubber seals and elastomeric couplers. We also offer a range of accessories such as machined retainers, rubber retainers, fasteners etc. for retaining the rubber seals perfectly inside the groove. 

We will design using our process for your application. Saving the need to adapt to different tooling saves time and money in the manufacturing process.

We cater to disparate industry needs and design rubber seals for a wide range of applications. Our inflatable rubber seals are used in actuating devices, brake devices, attenuation devices, clutch devices, clamping devices, containers, computers, cushioning devices, filters, hatches, pulverizers, robotic applications and so on. You can find a diverse range of bend radii with us and we can also mold the seal to the exact shape and design of an application with right-angle corners. Since we hand-build our seals, there’s absolutely no need to worry about compatibility, as we have got you fully covered on that aspect. 

Retaining seals is one precondition for uninterrupted functioning and long work life of the seals. A retainer must retain the seal in its position, thereby allowing it to inflate or deflate. We design bond-in, swap-in, encapsulated, hold-in and many other types of rubber seals that are easy to install, and easier to retain. Your application doesn’t need to adapt to different additional tools since the seals are retained for a prolonged period of time. This helps you in saving on operational cost and time.  

High quality materials create a seal that has more durability than competitors

We only offer quality-built and quality-tested inflatable rubber seals. Each of the rubber seals in the assembly line is undergone a two-stage inspection prior to shipping. Two different Seal Master Quality Controllers supervise the inspection process. We detect and eliminate the cosmetic detects that might surface at this stage. Our in-depth quality assurance program reassures our end users about the quality of the custom rubber products. 

After receiving a polymer batch of materials, we check to make sure that the batch comes along with two certifications. This way, we ensure the quality of the materials. We only use tested and fully certified materials for building the custom rubber seals. Our suppliers are reputable and major players on the market and the material components come with unique identification numbers so we can easily track the materials throughout the production cycle. Therefore, if you are using custom products from Seal Master and you find a defect (which is the rarest of the rare), we can easily track back the materials and replace/repair/compensate accordingly.

Custom-designed seal for replacing a failed or end-of-life seal: Our evaluation process in brief

Seal Master acknowledges that each customer’s need is unique and custom-designed inflatable rubber seals are the only engineered solution that fit the bill for different customers. We need to know a few things before replacing your mechanicals seals with custom rubber seals. 

  • What material/application you are sealing
  • What is the dimension of the groove to be sealed?
  • What is the required length of the seal?
  • Do you want a strip seal or a continuous loop seal?
  • Tell us something about the application environment (temperature etc)
  • What kind of inflation? Radically in or out? Or Axial?
  • What would be the inflation source? 

Feel free to write to us to know more about the benefits of custom rubber products.