Applying Hermetic Sealing Force

A key benefit of using inflatable rubber products is their application in creating an air-tight seal. With Seal Master products, you can utilize hermetic sealing force and apply it in your facility. 

Hermetic sealing force is beneficial when trying to create a safe, airtight environment.

Hermetic seals can contain or isolate air particles, water, dust, chemicals, or other elements within an area. Seal Master’s inflatable seals can be used for this specific purpose. Our engineers have created a seal that can be used to create a leak-proof, seal that uses consistent and evenly applied pressure throughout it. Our fully molded construction offers greater structural integrity and durability along the entire seal, including any corners. 

The seal provides consistent strike force to create a hermetic seal and has countless advantages over mechanical seals. 

Inflatable seals can use air, water, or gas in order to expand to create the hermetic seal whenever it is needed. Likewise, the seal can be decompressed and will return to its original form when it’s no longer needed. 

Seal Master products are designed with the highest quality components in order to guarantee consistent use over millions of cycles. 

If you are searching for a product that can create a hermetic seal, has structural integrity, and offers long-term performance contact Seal Master today. We are ready to help develop a product that’s right for you when creating a hermetic seal.